Sharon Moloney, PhD

Miraculous Moments

Holistic Fertility Therapy, Birth Preparation and Hypnotherapy

About Sharon


For as long as I can remember, spirituality has been the central focus of my life.  By spirituality, I simply mean the awareness of something greater than self which exists both within and around us.  For me, that ‘something’ is a Loving Presence which desires our flourishing and has created within us an innate impulse towards healing and wholeness.  

My long-standing fascination with spirituality led me to train and study in the areas I felt most passionate about – women’s health, fertility, childbirth, spirituality, healing, energy medicine and hypnotherapy.  As I did so, I discovered that I want to devote my life to supporting other people's spiritual growth and healing. 
My PhD research enabled me to explore in detail the spirituality that many women experience through their body processes and how the science of energy medicine provides a framework for understanding and working with that bio-spirituality. Although my focus was on femaleness, I have a deep respect for the masculine.  I have always included men as integral to fertility and birthing.  Some schools of thought maintain that men are traumatised by witnessing their partners give birth. Yet I have found that when men are clear about their own role and have the knowledge and practical skills to stand beside their partner in birthing, they emerge from the experience wonderfully empowered and hands-on with their babies.  
Along my path with heart, I developed an appreciation for the power of our mind to shape and co-create our reality.  Like Candace Pert, I believe our body is our subconscious mind and that harnessing the power of our subconscious is what enables us to actualise our potential.  It is a joy to be able to teach these processes to others - whether it be to conceive a baby, create an optimal birth experience, access inner healing or activate dormant potentials.



    Doctor of Philosophy & Adjunct Researcher (James Cook University) 

    Master of Women’s Studies (Social Science)

    Certified Hypnotherapist

    Certified Fertility Consultant

   (Past) Midwifery Peer Review Program Consumer Reviewer (Aus. College of Midwives)     

    Certified Advanced Childbirth Educator

    Accredited Pregnancy Counsellor

    Accredited Fertility Educator

    Diploma of Writing

    Certificate IV Assessment and Workplace Training

     Member of Australian Hypnotherapy Association     
     Consumer Member of Australian College of Midwives (Qld) 
     Member of Home Midwifery Association (Qld)
     Member of Maternity Choices (Qld)