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The wonderful truth about birth is that you have nothing to fear!

You have everything you need right there inside you 

to create a blissful empowering birth.  

Let me show you how!

birthing preparation classes

The birth of a baby is an awesome event in the life of a woman, her partner and her family.  With a first baby, a woman is not only giving birth to her baby; she is also giving birth to herself as a mother.  When she is well prepared and undisturbed during labour, a woman can tune into her instinctive birthing knowledge and know exactly what she needs to do to birth her baby comfortably and safely. In our current social context, we have largely forgotten this ancient wisdom. To remember it again usually requires dismantling the fear that exists in our culture about birth.

For the baby, the moment of birth is a time of deep significance, laying down primal memories that become the foundation for future beliefs about life.  When babies are born gently and lovingly, they are imprinted with an assurance that the world is a safe and benevolent place.  Conversely, when birth is violent and traumatic, there may be enduring feelings of unease and mistrust in life.  When a baby's first experience is being pulled forcibly from the womb without respect, it can set the stage for future programming of violence.

For a father too, the birth of a baby can be a life-changing moment.  Fathers can play a crucial role during labour and birth.  Some people believe birthing is 'women's business' and that men are traumatised by witnessing their partner give birth.  Yet in my experience of working with fathers, when they are well prepared for the process their partner will undergo and they understand their own unique role and contribution, they are empowered and make a huge difference - not only to the quality of the labour and birth, but to the hands-on approach they bring to parenting. 

Birth can and should be a peak spiritual experience.  The moment of birth like the moment of death opens the door to the mysteries of the universe.  The design of our physiology, especially our hormonal template, is that birth is meant to be blissful.  When a woman has learned how to access her deep relaxation response and has dismantled her fear, she can surrender to that innate design, surrender to the intense sensations of labour and experience the ecstasy of birthing.  A woman who has opened up to give birth to her baby under her own steam knows she can trust herself to mother her child.  When a father has witnessed and supported his partner to give birth confidently, the couple gains a deeper foundation for their partnership and parenting.  Babies who are born peacefully and gently into loving arms are contented infants.

Birth is a healthy physiological process, which women's bodies are superbly designed to accomplish.  The World Health Organisation tells us that 85% of women around the globe can birth without any form of intervention.  Unfortunately, in most of the Western world and increasingly elsewhere, intervention rates are much higher than these recommended levels.  We need to remember the wisdom of women's bodies, to recover our faith in women's ability to birth safely and powerfully.  Because of the social context into which we are born, it is no longer a given that Western women can access their instinctive birthing knowledge.  Yet with the right preparation, it is a straight-forward and simple process to recover it.

Birth Preparation Sessions:


I provide a series of three sessions individually tailored to you as a couple to give you the knowledge and skills to pro-actively create the birth experience you desire. After having shared this knowledge successfully with hundreds of couples, I have learned what works.  By utilising the mind-body connection, you learn how to harness the creative power of your mind to effectively handle the strong sensations of labour and birth.  You can then work as a team to give birth from your own centre of power.

Topics include:

     * Different models of birth
     * How the uterus works
     * How emotions like fear affect labour
     * How to dismantle fear permanently
     * The Relaxation Response and how to access it
     * The mammalian physiology of labour and birth
     * How to work with the mammalian physiology
     * The hormones of birth
     * Brain function during labour
     * The vital role of the father/partner
     * The spirituality of birth

My sessions blend factual information with firsthand experience.  Together, you learn about and experience deep relaxation, practical breathing and endorphin-producing techniques, how to use your imagination to modify sensations and how to create a physiological birth space (inside yourself and externally).  The sessions are couple-focussed, with both partners experiencing the relaxation processes and gaining a clear understanding of their very different roles during labour and birth.  

I work with individual couples because it provides a personalised depth where each partner can raise and discuss the issues of importance to them.  I create a safe, intimate space in which clients can freely explore what they need to know, release or resolve in order to give birth the way they desire.  From my experience in doing this birth preparation, I deeply believe that you have everything you need, right there inside you, to create a wonderful birth experience, which is simultaneously the best foundation for parenting.

Appointments are available during week days, after work on some days and occasionally on weekends.    
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