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Holistic Fertility Therapy, Birth Preparation and Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy ~

pregnancy, birth, postnatal and general


I deeply believe that people have the resources within themselves to resolve the issues that initially present as obstacles. From my own personal experience, I know that these issues are often our greatest opportunities for growth. When we are able to resolve the paradox  in whatever the situation may be, it contributes to our growth and evolution.

Women's Health Hypnotherapy:

Women's health is my special area of expertise.  The capacity to co-create new human life is one of the most embodied and powerful aspects of women's spirituality.  Intuitively we know that this capacity connects us to something greater than self.  For this reason, events that occur through this dimension of our lives can penetrate to the core of our being. The experiences mentioned below can affect us profoundly, impacting unfavourably on our health, wellbeing and quality of life. 

Some of the benefits of my therapeutic support include:

       Fear of Birth    
       Birth Trauma  
       Miscarriage,  stillbirth          neonatal death, SIDS

       Postnatal Depression               
       Termination of  
        Unexplained infertility            & unsuccessful IVF 
         Menstruation:                        heavy or painful 
         periods, irregular
         cycles,  PMT,

~ dismantling fear

~ gentle de-traumatising 

~ making peace with the loss and finding comfort

~ understanding and addressing root causes

~ releasing unresolved conflict, guilt and 

   emotional distress

~ hope and greater likelihood of conception 

~ quicker healing, physically, emotionally and spiritually

~ relief of symptoms, improved self-esteem, knowledge and 

   self- management of the menstrual cycle

miscarriage, stillbirth

I consider it a privilege to work with clients in these very personal  aspects of their lives.  My approach combines counselling with hypnotherapy and includes deep relaxation, guided imagery, metaphor and music - a combination especially suited to resolving emotional trauma without re-traumatising clients.  

My therapeutic focus is to guide and support clients to access their own inner healing capacity, whilst facilitating life-enhancing suggestions and harnessing the power of their intention.  

My approach is informed by the science of mind-body medicine which utilises the power of thoughts and emotions to enhance health and wellbeing.  I draw on the works of Herbert Benson (The Relaxation Response), Candace Pert (Molecules of Emotion), Bruce Lipton (The Biology of Belief), Gregg Braden (The Divine Matrix), Christiane Northrup (Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom), Joseph Chilton Pearce (The Biology of Transformation) and many others.

Doing my research imbued me with an unshakeable faith in our innate human tendency to move towards healing and wholeness - on all levels of our being.  I believe that our bodies are highly intelligent eco-systems governed by our consciousness. When our thought processes are confounded by fear, outmoded beliefs and unresolved emotional issues, our mind functions at less than optimal levels, unfavourably impacting on our physical health.  These barriers to health and wellbeing can be dismantled by gentle, non-intrusive therapeutic processes, which support and facilitate our passage through the transformation cycle, so that we can grow into an expanded awareness both of ourselves and of the greater process of life in which we have our being.

General Hypnotherapy

Although I specialise in women's health, I also see both men and women for a range of other issues - anxiety, stress, phobias (flying), smoking, weight management, public speaking, self-esteem or a desire for spirituality.  In addition to my therapeutic focus, I utilise a goal activation process that harnesses the power of our subconscious mind to create the kind of life we really want to live.  

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