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Holistic Fertility Therapy


As described in my Philosophy page, I believe we are a composite of body, emotion, mind, spirit and soul, as well as physical beings.  Our human energy field, which is visible with the right equipment, belongs within a web of relationships with other people, the world around us, and the entire universe.  As human beings, we experience emotions, bodily sensations, thoughts, beliefs, personal history, spirituality, sexuality and free will, and these aspects all interact together in the unique life context and soul journey of each person.  Blocks to conceiving a child may involve a combination of any of these elements.  

Holistic Fertility Therapy is a mind-body approach that works to dismantle emotional barriers (conscious or subconscious), outmoded beliefs, and excess stress, all of which can adversely affect fertility.  These factors may cause hormonal disturbances in our bodies that can delay ovulation, inhibit the implantation of a fertilised egg and reduce the number and motility of sperm.

Worldwide about 10 to 15% of couples experience subfertility, with many turning to Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) for assistance.  Including mind-body approaches in their treatment has been shown to double their success rate.  One study reported in the Journal of The American Medical Women's Association (Domar, 1999) found that 42% of women were able to conceive within six months of learning deep relaxation techniques.  In addition, the women decreased their levels of stress, anxiety and depression.  Another study in Fertility and Sterility (Domar, 2000), found that 55% of previously 'infertile' women who met regularly in a mind-body program conceived, compared to 20% in the control group who used no mind-body techniques. 
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Dr Ernest Rossi's research suggests that our genes need to be in a state of physical readiness for conception to occur and that hypnotic techniques can activate the relevant genes in a specific sequence.  A 2004 study by Professor Eliahu Levitas showed that success rates of IVF treatment doubled from 14% to 28% when participants underwent hypnosis around the time of implantation.  This body of research clearly shows the efficacy of mindbody techniques to enhance the likelihood of conception.

Holistic Fertility Therapy works to unravel unconscious blocks to conception.  Bearing in mind that our bodies are a distillation of consciousness, the energy blocks stored in our bodies often reflect issues that derive from our family of origin patterns, our default settings when we were growing up. They may have been passed down through our lineage, modifying our DNA. Even when we have consciously moved away from those patterns and made different life choices, the subconscious attachment to them can persist and exert a powerful influence.

Not being able to conceive a longed-for baby is deeply distressing.  Fertility tests, procedures that delve into the most intimate parts of your body, medical terminology and unsuccessful attempts at IVF can induce a sense of inadequacy, failure and disempowerment.  When there is 'unexplained infertility', it can be even more frustrating.  However, 'unexplained infertility' is good news to me; it means there is no physical obstruction to conception and I have worked successfully with many clients to welcome babies into their lives.

Despite technological advances in reproductive medicine, the mystery of conception will always retain its mysterious quality.  It is not simply mixing ingredients together like making a cake. It is a new soul beginning its journey onto the planet!  I work with couples to rediscover this spiritual power.  I teach them about the wonders of their reproductive physiology.  Using gentle, non-intrusive processes, we work together to identify and dismantle unhelpful, outmoded beliefs, remove unresolved emotional issues and relax into the moment.  More importantly, I inspire clients with the realisation that their consciousness is  the greatest determinant about what happens in their bodies because your body IS your subconscious mind.  

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My approach to the journey of conception respects the sacredness of our fertility and humanity. In a very real way, conception is about opening to the abundance of the universe, and to the soul of the little person you want to invite into your life.  A baby symbolises new life.  Often a person comes to me wanting support to conceive a child but what they gain in the process is a whole new way of looking at themselves and life.  

It has been one of my most rewarding professional experiences to see clients conceive, grow and birth their beautiful babies, especially if they believed this would be impossible.  Miracles do happen!  

Depending on the issues involved, an average of 4 - 6 sessions is usually required.  I may meet with both partners initially and then work with individuals to address their personal concerns.

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