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Client Testimonials

The following testimonials have been graciously sent to me by my clients.  There are some inspiring pregnancy stories, lots of birth stories and at the end, some comments from those who came for counselling/hypnotherapy.  If you are planning your pregnancy or preparing for birth,  I hope my clients' beautiful stories will inspire and encourage you.

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Pregnancy Stories:


“The deep relaxation techniques, in combination with discussions with Sharon, were successful in reducing the severity of my morning sickness symptoms.  I was able to return to work and begin to enjoy my pregnancy.” 



"For 12 years I have not had a menstrual cycle. Throughout this time I have seen numerous specialist doctors to address my lack of menstruation. I was placed on and off the pill to 'regulate my cycle.' When My husband and I were married 3 years ago we immediately began to try to start a family. After consultation with another specialist we underwent a series of fertility drug treatments, clomid, followed by hormone injections with ovulation induction, followed by IVF. These invasive processes were coupled with numerous negative and disheartening descriptions about my fertility. ' Your ovaries are in decline,' ' you haven't responded to the increased hormone dose,' 'no, gaining weight won't help.' I was pushed and shoved with vaginal ultrasounds and I was prescribed fertility hormones at their highest dose. I received phone calls bearing devastating news, ' your cycle needs to be cancelled,' ' none of your embryos have reached blastocyst stage,' ' your dosage needs to be increased as your hormones are flat as a tack.'

When I turned up on Sharon's doorstep 3 months ago, she opened her door to a very defeated, emotionally wounded female who had lost all confidence in her own fertility and sense of self worth.

Sharon worked with me on a weekly basis. Her approach was gentle. We worked with deep relaxation and I envisaged an inner healer, I remembered back to my first period as a young girl, I delved in to my ancestry to look for any patterns that might be inhibiting my ability to conceive. Countless blocks emerged and patterns of control that were not serving me well. With Sharon's spiritual and gentle approach, I managed to lift these patterns of control. I managed to increase my sense of self worth. I began to love and accept myself. I began to see myself as a beautiful woman and I began to approve of my femininity. I started to paint, collage and sculpt again and used these together with Sharon's deep relaxation exercises to relax, to feel centred and peaceful. 

Slowly, I began to see that conception was possible. In our sessions together and during my deep relaxation responses I could see myself pregnant. I could see myself holding my happy and healthy baby in my arms.

Sharon, you are a spiritual midwife. You believed in me and through this I have been able to believe in myself.

When I turned up on Sharon's doorstep the other day. I was a blossoming mother to be!"

Mrs W.


"Much has happened since I started seeing Sharon. I remember sitting in her home office in a big comfy lounge chair for the first time, not realising then how beneficial this whole process would be for me.  I came initially for professional reasons.  I was a midwife completely disheartened by the medical model of pregnancy and birth.  Although I had supported many women with beautiful births, I had also seen many women disillusioned and dissatisfied, even broken. As a result, I had developed vicarious birth trauma. For me with significant health issues, I couldn't see a way to protect my own birth from becoming all about the condition and not the experience. I was afraid I would not be able to conceive, nurture or birth a child that I wanted so much. Sharon helped me to release some of the frustration and fear surrounding these issues. She gave me many tools and helped me make a positive reference from which to work.


After 12 months of trying, we had tests which suggested we would need the help of IVF to conceive. Whilst waiting to see the fertility specialist we did many things to maximise our chances, such as a special diet, removing all the nasty chemicals from our home, seeing an osteopath and managing my stress better.  To our delight, we conceived naturally while waiting for our appointment!  Unfortunately, we had a miscarriage and I was overwhelmed by grief. Sharon was so supportive during such a hard time in our lives. She understood and helped me deal with my feelings, never minimising the grief, allowing me a space to process, and gave me some really nice ways to honour our baby's spirit. 

We did quite a number of things to heal after the miscarriage.  One of the most powerful was a workshop I attended run by Sharon and a colleague.  During that workshop Sharon led us in a visualisation which for me, proved profound. I happened to be sitting directly across the room from a woman who was about 32 weeks pregnant. I left that workshop and even though I can't draw a stick figure, I drew the big belly that I wanted and I added a gorgeous embellishment for the baby with rays of light projecting out.  At my next appointment with Sharon, I shared my drawing and what I had seen at the workshop, and she helped me create a vision of a whole and happy uterus taking up its rightful place in my pelvis and we invited a baby in.  The very next month, I was pregnant again, naturally conceived.  I had to cancel my upcoming IVF appointment!

I saw Sharon a few times in pregnancy to maximise my health and manage my stress but also creating some positive birth imagery.  My pregnancy was a little bit delicate at times and it was nice to have Sharon's input to calm me and to help me find that place inside me where I felt confident that however the baby was born, I would be ok.   

We booked in for Sharon's 3 birthing preparation sessions and attended our first at about 33 weeks. We learnt a lot and even my partner enjoyed them. We were really looking forward to the next sessions when unexpectedly, our daughter decided to join us at 34 weeks! As we drove to the hospital, I was feeling so calm with what was about to happen.  I had my partner there for support and my known and trusted Midwife, and we birthed our baby in the shower in the birth suite at the hospital I worked in (a place I was so afraid of birthing in those years beforehand). 

Our baby was born in just under 3 hours with an extra hour for a physiological birth of the placenta.  No drugs, no stitches and no interventions, just birth at its best. There were points where it was physically challenging for me but at no point did I feel out of control or that her birth was being hijacked! It was incredible!  I just knew what to do.  My baby’s birth was powerful, empowering and totally incredible.  In all honesty, I have a lot to be thankful to Sharon for, I don't think it would have turned out this way if it weren't for the work I did with Sharon.

Being a Mumma has blessed my life in so many wonderful ways and I hope if you are reading this and struggling with fertility or birthing issues I would like to wish you all the best and let you know you are in the best of hands with Sharon.  She has given me the tools and the courage to make positive and lasting changes in my life. I have nothing but high regard and respect for this woman and her work and wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to any of my loved ones or friends. 

Warm regards, 

Mrs K."

"Who said doctors have it right when they say ‘you can’t have children’.  I was out to prove them wrong.  

Our first bub was our first IVF miracle, the result of the first frozen cycle. Despite a tumultuous entry into this world, our lives have been blessed with this adorable and cherished little boy.  When he was 14 months old, we embarked on the IVF roller coaster ride again.  But this time it was not smooth sailing.  Still recovering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder as a result of the complicated delivery plus having moved interstate, we experienced both fresh and frozen devastating failed cycles.  

That is when I consulted Sharon and major shifts on all levels began to occur.  I felt released from the torment of the memory of delivering our first bub and really felt my body and mind ready to accept another little soul into our family. It was to be our last cycle (after 10 attempts with our specialist saying ‘no more’) when our second beautiful miracle happened.  

We now have been blessed with not one but two beautiful precious boys and will always be thankful to Sharon for playing a significant role in inviting our beautiful little son into our life.

Thanks a million, thanks without end Sharon!

Mrs C.

"A great miracle happened there ...  
 I had been struggling with infertility for nearly 5 years when I met Sharon, this was causing a great deal of anxiety.  

Sharon worked with me to release the fear and anger I felt associated with this challenging situation.  Teaching me skills to create a positive mind set which led to a healthier mind and gave me the ability to be kinder to myself.  This significantly improved the relationship that I had with myself and my entire attitude to life, which provided me with a  greater sense of security. Only when I was able to acknowledge and let go of these blocks was I really ready to conceive.  These skills helped me tackle the challenges of assisted reproductive technologies and cope with any adversity throughout the journey. 

The relaxation techniques Sharon taught me have made the biggest difference to my life, not only have these helped me remain calm and positive through IVF procedures, but have been useful throughout pregnancy, labour and now with the wonderful new challenges I face as a parent.

Without Sharon's help I do not think that I would be experiencing the amazing gift of motherhood. I am eternally grateful for the work that Sharon does and feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to develop these lifelong skills."

B. Webster

We worked with Sharon for the best part of 2 years throughout our 4 year IVF journey. We found that our time spent with Sharon helped solidify and strengthen our relationship in the most difficult of situations.  We found Sharon’s approach calming and nurturing and her suggested use of affirmations around the house helped keep us positive and focussed on our goal. We are now excitedly expecting our miracle baby after 9 IVF attempts.

Kylie and Peta, with baby Edie 

                                                                                                                                 Photo by Kirsty Robson

Hello Sharon,

I just wanted to say hi and let you know how we are going.  I am 29 weeks now and all is going wonderfully.  I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart, I have no doubt what-so-ever that without coming to see you, we would not be over the moon and waiting for the arrival of our much wanted number 4 baby to finish off our family. If someone had told me previous to our "infertility" experience that the kind of work you do helps with fertility, I would never have truly believed it .... so thank you. We will let you know when our gorgeous bundle arrives.

Tanya & Brad

Hi Sharon

I just wanted to let you know that I recently had a healthy little boy.  I can't thank you enough for your help in getting me to a place where I could conceive.  I am so grateful.  I have written a testimonial so that hopefully other people might be able to realise their dreams with your help.

After getting married, my husband and I struggled to fall pregnant.  Over 3 years we tried many fertility treatments including a number of IVF cycles. During this time we also experienced 2 miscarriages. 

I knew that my thoughts, beliefs and attitudes had to be affecting my ability to conceive, but I just didn't know what I could do about it. Thankfully Sharon does the work that she does. Working with Sharon, I uncovered the source of a lot of my beliefs and how they were not serving me in my quest to conceive. Using positive affirmations and visualisations, meditation and relaxation, I knew I was in the best position to fall pregnant.

Soon after working with Sharon, I conceived through IVF and had a healthy baby boy.  Twelve months later I worked with Sharon again and fell pregnant a second time.  I now have 2 healthy little boys.

I know that without working with Sharon I would still be harbouring the attitudes and beliefs that were preventing me from conceiving.  I will be eternally grateful to Sharon for her help; her kindness and compassion were a valuable support at such a time.


Birth Stories:

The heartwarming testimonial below came from a client who was advised to have a caesarean section at 38wks for gestational diabetes. She really wanted a spontaneous vaginal birth, so I made a few suggestions and we did a hypnotherapy session with that intent. The power of the mind to create our desired outcome is truly amazing!

Hi Sharon, I took your advice and booked myself 2 acupuncture sessions this week, did a lot of walking around, housework and had some private time with my husband and it worked!  This morning at 1.51am our little Sunshine was born naturally after only 40 minutes of active labor and 5 big pushes. I focused on the flower once the head engaged and tried not to be scared of the pain. As a result he came very quickly and I didn't even tear. 

I truly would like for as many people as possible to know how much your work helps to calm a mum in labor and to focus on positive energy, which helps with a safe delivery. You were my rock the whole time during delivery!  Thank you so  much! You made a huge difference!  I'm very grateful Sharon!!!


Hello Sharon

We have settled down at home with the new arrival, my second daughter, Anju Lani. She arrived calmly into the world with the help of the birth preparation sessions we did with you.  
I wanted to thank you so much for the sessions. It certainly had a significant impact on my second daughter's birth. I have succeeded in creating a new birthing memory after this birth.  I feel that it was beautiful experience, where my baby emerged naturally and I listened to my body and just let it do what it needed to do. Anju is very relaxed and easy going so far. It makes me regretful that I did not know about this way of birthing for my first daughter, it would have been so nice if I had done it for her, too.

After the 3 sessions, I listened to the CDs everyday and practised breathing frequently.  I thought of the fears that I used to have but felt quite certain that they were no longer my fears anymore. Thank you so much for doing an extra fear releasing visualisation for me. It was lovely that you texted me outside the sessions and gave me time to talk about it, too. I felt really cared for.

When I had the show, I called my mum to ask if she could come earlier so she could look after my first daughter while my husband and I went to the hospital. So my mum arrived 2days later and I could feel my body relax and my labour started 2days after that.

The contractions came on mildly and I breathed with it calmly at home until it became 5 minutely for 1hour. Then rang the hospital and they told us to come in. Every time the surge came, I would do the breathing and about every 2nd breath or so, I could seriously feel the endorphin release and the pain would just evaporate (that's how it felt like). I felt amazed by the power of this breathing technique. Compared to the first birth which was induced, I guess the contractions came quite differently, but I also didn’t know this calm way of birth, had lots of fear about labour pain, and therefore my body would have been quite tense.

My obstetrician was great at the birth, gentle and reassuring, saying "baby is safe, you are doing very well".  And my husband stayed mostly quietly by my side (because that's what I wanted) except for the very last stage when the baby was descending into the birth canal and the pain was getting more intense, he held my hand and quietly but repeatedly said "breath the baby down, deep breathe, deep breathe..."  It helped me to keep breathing when at times I held my breath.  I pretty much had my eyes closed most of the time until the baby came out; closing my eyes helped me to stay in my safe place. So by 6pm that day Anju had arrived. My body is recovering at good speed this time as well.

Thank you so much once again for enabling us to have this beautiful experience.
Lots of love



Before giving birth to my second child my husband and I visited Sharon for some birth preparation sessions.  I had already had a great birthing experience with my first daughter but it had been 6 years ago and I felt like we needed a bit of a refresher.

Right from when we started seeing Sharon, she made us feel welcome.  She really listened to what our ideal birth experience would be like and she helped us to visualise this and made us aware of some of the tools we may need for the birth experience that we wanted.  These included hypnotherapy, massage, relaxation techniques, breathing and visualisation.  All of which we used during the actual birth process.

As with my first daughter, the birth of my second was quite fast.  We arrived at the hospital at 10am both feeling very calm and relaxed but none the less excited.  We were taken care of by an excellent midwife (I couldn’t have asked for a better person to share this experience with).  She was very in tune with our needs and wants.

My obstetrician examined me at about 12pm and our beautiful baby girl was born at 12.28pm.  The midwife was amazed how everything had happened so quickly!  And with no stitches or tearing. 

Straight away our little girl came to my chest for a cuddle.  She was unbelievably calm and relaxed but very alert.  The three of us spent the next couple of hours alone getting to know each other.  It was such a special time … perhaps one of the most memorable of my life.

Since coming home from hospital, Sammi Arabella has continued to be a happy and calm baby.  Her big sister has loved helping us look after her.  So, we say thank you to Sharon for helping us to lay the pathways for our ideal  birthing experience.

Simone and Lindsay


A Father's story:

Hi Sharon,

I would just like to thank you for what I would class as the perfect birth and a perfect little daughter to go with it.  When my wife told me that she wanted to have a hypno-birth I had no idea what she was talking about, but after her telling me a little bit about it, I thought it was exciting and seemed like a great way to bring a little baby into this world.  So off we went to your classes to teach us a thing or two about using self-hypnosis for birthing.

When we arrived for the first time you made us feel so welcome and we were bought into a calming and relaxing atmosphere that made everything we were doing just seem right.  I was honestly wondering how we could get all the knowledge we would need in just 3 simple visits, but with the one-on-one you provide it was all becoming a lot clearer to me and my wife. By the end of the third visit there was no more wondering what was going to happen in the hospital the day our beautiful daughter would decide to come in to this world. My wife had learnt that she is the person that knows what's best for our baby and her body whilst in labour, and that her body is perfectly capable of an all natural birth. I had learnt that as a husband I just needed to support this natural process and not let anyone interfere with this beautiful natural birth that was going to take place.

From the moment my wife’s water broke, there was no panic as we were ready for what was about to become the best day of our lives. We went into the hospital at 5pm but contractions were fairly light up until around 10pm.  At this stage the lovely midwives ran the spa and my wife jumped in.  I noticed that this simple action calmed my wife down; pretty much all I had to do was sit on the side and spray water on her face after every contraction.  At 1.50am Sasha Rose came in to this world, she didn't cry and was just so calm and relaxed when she came out, it was just beautiful!  This was quite exciting for us because we didn't know whether we were having a boy or a girl. My wife hugged her and fed her with no problems, then it was my turn. I took my shirt off and held her really close and just thought to myself that she is perfect.

My wife had an all natural birth with no dramas or complications whatsoever; we were in and out in 24 hours! I believe this was all possible because of what we were taught by you. Sasha is now 7.5 months old and is just a little treasure. We love her so much. She is so happy and excitable and continues to amaze us every day. 

Thank you very much Sharon for sharing your knowledge with us.
Kind regards,

Shannon and Tegan

Aliya's Birth Story

Date: 12/09/12

I experienced “Braxton hicks” just like I had for the past few weeks, but I could feel that they were getting stronger and closer together. By about 1pm the surges were between 10 and 6 minutes apart. Still feeling ok I decided to keep the appointment that I had made to meet with a friend for coffee. On arriving at the cafe I told her that I believed I was in labour, to which she replied “Shouldn’t you be at home or the hospital?” I explained to her that the surges weren’t close enough together, or strong enough yet, so I continued drinking my iced chocolate and enjoying my friend’s company. After an hour or so I decided that I should get going. The surges continued all through the night, getting closer together and then further apart. I used the slow breathing technique to breathe through the surges and listened to the relaxation music. I did feel a little disappointed that the surges hadn’t progressed into proper labour at this stage but remembered Sharon telling me to stay calm and have faith in my body and my baby, and if it is a long process it doesn’t mean it has to be negative, in these instances it just takes time. And let’s face it I didn’t have anything that I had to rush off and do!

Date: 13/09/12

At 11am, after no sleep, I went and saw my midwife who excitedly informed me that I was 3cms dilated and that the surges had been doing their job. I was then encouraged by her to go home and have a couple of hours sleep as she felt I would be giving birth that day and I needed to have some energy. I went home and took the sleeping tablet that I had been given and was able to sleep for a couple of hours. When I awoke the surges had intensified and seemed much closer together. It was at this stage that I decided that it was time to go to the Birth Centre. It was now 4.40pm.

In the car I calmed myself by closing my eyes, using the slow breathing and visualising my healing room. As we arrived at the Birth Centre my midwife greeted us at the door saying “We’re having babies here today, come in and you can have one too.” I entered the room and was checked over by my midwife. By this stage I was 9cms dilated and surges were becoming more intense. My midwife then asked if I wanted to get into the pool. I found great comfort in being in the water. It was now time to start breathing my baby down the birth path. After a number of surges my midwife decided that my labour would progress more effectively if my waters were broken. So I got out of the pool. It took a few more positions until we could see Aliya’s head. As I changed positions, I was able to re-enter my “calm zone” with ease. I believe this was because of the relaxation preparation, as it helped me to remain focussed and confident. After a few more surges her head and body emerged. It was 8:54pm and I had achieved the drug free and free-of-fear birth experience that I wanted, not only for our baby, but for myself as well.
Holding my baby girl for the first time, I have never felt so elated. Every time that I thought about the birth process I became emotional. I am so proud of myself and immensely grateful for the incredible support that my husband, mum and midwife provided.

I would like to thank you, Sharon for your knowledge, your support and your guidance. You gave me the tools that I needed to have a positive, calm and enjoyable birth experience. Aliya is a settled baby, sleeping and feeding well. My husband and I are loving parenthood, she is a treasure.

Sally and Isaac Dawes and baby Aliya (1st baby).


Hi Sharon,

A huge thanks to you again Sharon.  We recently celebrated the birth of our second baby. Once again, your wisdom and relaxation methods helped us enjoy a calm and positive birth experience. Joey was born after a relatively quick and pain free labour. He fed straight away and has been a perfect little baby since.  I was very relieved not to have the pethidene this time and felt very "present" during the whole birth. I was easily able to think of various relaxation techniques and with the help of our wonderful midwife and obstetrician, everything seemed even easier the second time around.

Thanks again for being part of this special experience for us - your wise words and philosophy have helped us enormously and we will be forever thankful!!!

Alice, John, Charlie and Joey,
July 2012  


Dear Sharon

It's nearly 5 weeks since the birth of our beautiful baby daughter and life has changed heaps. Matt and I have fallen in love with her, head over heals :)  Just wanted to say thank you so much for your wisdom and knowledge. The relaxation helped me heaps during pregnancy (I nearly never got to the second half of the CD) and helped me to stay calm during 4 days in hospital at 37 weeks due to high blood pressure. One day before my due date I had a check up and to my surprise the doctor announced that I was 3 cm dilated. So the countdown was on.

A couple of days later I started to get some strange sensations in my tummy.  By 5 pm was I sure that this was it.  At 9.30pm we went to bed ready for a long night.  At 12 o’clock I woke up Matt for the real deal with surges 10 minutes apart. We were both pretty calm, turned the birthing tracks on and Matt gave me a bit of a massage. About 2.30am, we arrived at the hospital. In between surges, I felt all good and even the surges were not too bad (compared to what I had been told). Matt told me later that while I was in the loo the midwife told him that if we want a natural labour we are probably better off going home again as it might still take quite some time. I appeared too calm, just closing my eyes during the surges and breathing through it. And while the surges were strong they were still well bearable. The following internal examination revealed that I was already 9 cm dilated and bubby was on its way! Off we went to the delivery room just laying down on the bed and concentrating on the breathing. Sometime at this stage I was saying that I just wanted to go home now :)  Matt was great holding my hand and reassuring me. And soon after, I got this overwhelming urge to push.

Our beautiful little daughter Gemma Leena was born at 5.48 am. I got her straight on my chest and she was so calm:)  I remember thinking soon after that I could do this again!  We had not needed any pain killers, apart from the stitching and some gas for the delivery of the placenta. Our midwife was fantastic, just standing back and letting us do our own thing and giving gentle instructions during the final stage.  She mentioned that she had seldom seen someone so much in control of their birth.  It was an amazing experience for all of us and I am sure I was very lucky. But I am also sure that all the knowledge from your course and the hours of birthing/relaxation training helped immensely to stay calm and relaxed and let my body do what it had to do. Not being in the way, clinching up in pain but breathing with each surge to help the muscles do their job. 

Two days after birth, I developed pre-eclampsia and my blood pressure went completely out of control. It got quite scary at times and took the doctors more than a week to get it down to an acceptable level.  I listened to hours and hours of birthing relaxation to calm myself and little Gemma down.

Now, life has fallen into place. We have a happy little girl who at 5 weeks is already sleeping for 5 hours at night. She is pretty relaxed and loves to be cuddled by friends and family. 

Thanks again so much for the course, your knowledge, understanding and gentle guidance!!!

Lots of love
Little Gemma, Matt & Rita (1st baby) 


Hello Sharon

Samuel's birth was truly the most wonderful and giving experience.  A miracle!  I'm speechless!  

I am so much in love with my baby and I can't stop looking at him.  Thank you for being such a wise help in my preparations.

Alexandra and Tom
(1st baby)


Hi Sharon

We had a GREAT birth - intervention free, drug free.  We managed the relaxation between contractions and it only took 4 pushes to get her out completely.  No tearing.  Close to the end I found it better to vocalise my breaths out.  We are thrilled with our labour!  We had a water birth but I was only in the water for 1 hr or so.  I was 7 cm dilated by the time we got to the hospital.  From beginning to end it was a 6 hr labour, (4 at home, 2 in the hospital).  Rohan was incredible, what a wonderful difference it makes to have someone quietly remind you to relax the jaw, shoulders, etc....

Holly is a wonderful baby.  I don’t like saying we are lucky because I really think its like giving birth - regardless of what people say, you really do have a large control over the outcome.  

Thank you very much for your advice and guidance.

Lucy, Rohan and Holly (1st baby)


Hi Sharon

Dael is just a wonderful baby!  Birth preparation with you was a very worthwhile and positive experience.  You gave me the confidence to pursue the birth I was looking for.  The techniques taught in the sessions helped me stay calm and relaxed in pregnancy, birth and post birth and I suspect  will do through the rest of my life.  The sessions opened communication with my partner, healed old wounds from previous birth experiences and contributed to the safe delivery of a very healthy placid baby boy - despite birthing in a medical environment with an obstetrician that was not supportive of my wish for a natural and serene birth (which I still  had!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

All the best to Sharon and her family and all those on their birth journey.

Thank you

Trudi and Ross , Amber, Jack, Jim and Dael.
(4th baby)


Hi Sharon

Thought I would share the great news with you that at 6.03pm, 23rd July, 2008 we got to meet our beautiful baby boy.  Darius weighed in at a healthy 7lb 8oz (3.5 kg approx) at 37 weeks gestation.  Happy to say the birth was everything I hoped for! Was in labour most of the morning, (thinking it was Braxton Hicks, even drove Sam to work and Taylor to school), went in for a "check up" just in case, was 5cm dilated and not allowed to go home!  Listened to the CD throughout and the staff were amazed at how quiet I was and how easy the labour progressed.  My mum even said I made it look like a walk in the park!!!! 

One of the midwives was upset to change shifts as she wanted to look after me, I was so ‘easy’, and the new shift said they would love to have deliveries like mine anytime! 
I believe this is how women should be birthing their babies, relaxed and calm.  I felt empowered and in control.  The experience was so different from giving birth to my first child - an exhaustingly long labour, and one where I felt quite helpless and uninformed. 

I have attached a picture, it was taken when bubby was about 3 hours old.  I had just had a shower and was waiting to go to my room.  I managed to call everyone myself and let them know the great news, and left a lot of people astounded.  

Baby Darius is calm, cool and collected and is feeding well, and sleeping soundly.  I have no doubt it’s because everything was so relaxed for us through the pregnancy and the delivery. Thanks so much.  
Sam told everyone it’s the best money we spent, I absolutely agree! 

With thanks
Bec, Sam, Taylor and Darius   xxxx
(2nd baby)


Working with Sharon has enabled us to achieve two active and drug-free births.  Sharon's calm wisdom helped us to connect with our babies and prepare for their arrival with confidence and excitement. The skills we learned enabled us to be in control of our birth experience, and to birth without fear.
I thoroughly recommend Sharon's course to everyone preparing to welcome their baby.

Claire and Greg
(2nd & 3rd babies)


Hi Sharon

I have just now got a chance to sit down and read through your wonderful website.  I loved it - Congratulations!  I will happily pass this on to others.  I am just sorry that I never got to send you my most recent birth story.  I have sat down on several occasions to write it, but the words just never seem to do it justice.  I still think about the whole experience on a daily basis - it was awesome! (those around me are sick of hearing about it)

I am so thankful that Claire re-introduced me to you during my first pregnancy so that I was able to have this truly wonderful experience that will remain with me for the rest of my life.  I look forward to passing on the awesomeness of birth to my daughters in the future.

Thank you & congratulations again!
(2nd baby)


Dear Sharon

I would like to thank you for the role that you played in the birth of our beautiful daughter, Delia, on 16 June 2010. On the day before, I started feeling contractions but thought they were just the standard Braxton Hicks.  By 1am contractions were between 3 and 5 minutes apart and we arrived at the hospital at 3am.  The staff immediately noted that we wanted to be left alone to create a calm and peaceful environment for the birth.  We dimmed the lights and played the music, and I managed to settle into a deep state of relaxation.  The staff were very supportive and gave us the space we needed.

By noon, I was 8cm dilated.  At 2:30pm we agreed to break the waters and this created an initial sense of extreme relief but that was followed by much stronger contractions closer together.  I spent a lot of time under the shower.  Pieter was the key during this period as he guided me through each contraction and helped me focus and attempt to relax, although I must admit it was much more difficult to obtain a deep state of relaxation.  I did, however,  manage to keep my thoughts focussed and thought of the beautiful daughter I would soon be able to meet.

By 5pm my body was ready to start moving Delia along the birthing canal.  I suddenly felt a change in my mood and energy levels as the pain disappeared and was replaced with a strong desire to push.  I was becoming more and more excited and focussed and Pieter held my hand and guided me through each surge.  By 6pm Delia's head crowned and by 6:10 she was born.  I immediately picked her up into my arms. I laid her on my chest and she was wide awake, staring at us and aware of her surroundings.  We were left alone to spend this wonderful moment with Delia.  She is perfect in every possible way.  She was born in a calm and relaxed atmosphere, with no medical intervention or drugs introduced into her system.

Although there were times I felt very uncomfortable, I am very grateful that I was able to bring our baby into this world in such a calm and intervention free way, and I believe the preparation we did during our sessions with you, the daily relaxation sessions and the amazing support I had from Pieter were the reasons that Delia and I were able to have such a special birth.

Thank you very much for your part in this beautiful story.

Wilani, Pieter and Delia
(1st baby)  


Hi Sharon

We had a wonderful birth experience and I owe a lot of it to our meetings with you. Before visiting you I was a bit scared of the whole labour experience. This was mainly influenced by media and our society which tend to portray labour as an excruciating experience and women as helpless victims. Despite being scared, I thought it shouldn't need to be like that and I for one wasn't going to be helpless. I also felt the need to be educated so that I didn't have to be subject to any unnecessary medical intervention. The information you shared really helped Darren and I to see that I was completely capable of giving birth to my baby without all the fuss and stress that so many women go through. I felt empowered and excited from the very first meeting.

As it got closer to my due date I was feeling tired and huge and heavy and a bit over being pregnant but the meditation really helped me to feel calm and relaxed. I passed my show a couple of days after the midwife did a 'stretch and sweep' and felt some period type pains for a few hours but these went away. A week later I had the first contraction at 8:20pm, it was quite strong and I calmly left the room because I didn't want everyone to know. They were random at first, anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes, quite strong but not unbearable at all. I sat on an exercise ball, on the edge of the lounge and bed and on the toilet. After a while I couldn't concentrate on the TV and found it irritating.  I put one of the meditation CD's on in the background but I don't remember taking much notice of it. I think I needed to block out all external stimuli especially noise to help myself cope with each contraction. I stood under the shower, this felt great. Time seemed to go by quite quickly and within 2 hours my contractions were about 2 or 3 minutes apart.

We arrived at the birth centre at midnight and things continued to move along very quickly. I was 5cm dilated. I hopped in the birth pool. It was better being able to float and move around easily but the contractions were very close together so I didn't have much time to think about anything else. I asked for some gas for about the last hour as I felt like the contractions were just a bit too strong; it was good to just take off the edge.

I never felt scared or helpless or worried about any complications. I didn’t want to be touched or spoken to too much. Darren was calm and supportive through the whole experience. He didn’t say much except ‘breathe’, ‘breathe deeply’ and ‘relax’-  this was just what I needed because even though I tried to breathe and relax through the contractions, it was a bit tricky at times and often after a contraction I had to be reminded to relax and enjoy the relief.  I did hold his hand at times and rest on his lap as he sat on the edge of the birthing pool. But mostly I needed space and he was great to provide this.

Through transition I grunted as I never would have imagined I could. I learnt that this could be helpful at pre-natal yoga and it was. It helped me release some energy or tension.  Before no time at all my midwife announced she could see the head. I didn’t want to look or touch it at first because it all felt so strange down there but it was the most amazing thing to see him be guided up to my chest. He was born at 2.03am.  I hugged him to me, just so happy to finally have my baby. Darren and the midwife helped me out of the birthing pool and I sat there just enjoying my little boy. I passed the placenta within a few minutes. I only had a few very small grazes. I told Darren I could do that again!

Riley started to suck strongly and has fed well ever since.  Although a bit sore and tired for a few days, overall I felt invigorated and great.  I was very grateful for the positive experience. I had had a great birth, it was short (5½ hrs), I had no complications and I felt in control of myself.  It wasn’t entirely pain free but it was definitely bearable. There was a short amount of time I felt I couldn’t go on but I still felt in control of myself and I think it was more for the relief that saying so provided than really thinking so. I had a very supportive husband and a non obtrusive and supportive midwife who I had developed a trusting relationship with; she was wonderful through the whole experience.  I look forward to my next birth.

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and belief in the capabilities of women to experience a wonderful birth.  It definitely helped Darren and I have a positive experience.

Thanks again,
Madelyne and Darren
(1st baby)


Hi Sharon   

My husband Stephen and I came to visit you prior to the birth of our second child. We had a beautiful boy, William, at the Townsville Birth Centre via a water birth on 1 December 2012.   

One of the things we worked through during our session with you was the pushing component of the labour, after a lengthy time for my first.  Interestingly, this labour was completely different to my first and although first stage was more uncomfortable (bub had his arm beside his head causing some back pain), it took only one push to birth my son – amazing! The midwife referred to it as an expulsion reflex with the placenta following only 5mins after.   
Photograph by Angela Van Dinter, Little Details Photography

Breastfeeding proved to be a challenge in the initial weeks, but thankfully the painful nipples resolved themselves after about 7 weeks, nearly half the time of my first.   

We are so lucky to have had such a wonderful experience and I truly believe the mind is so powerful during labour and throughout the pregnancy.  Heidi (first baby) was late and I didn't want to go past my due date.  When I felt I was ready (nesting was complete) I kept reassuring bub that it was time to meet us and two days later he arrived three days before his due date.  

Just wanted to say thank you and I have enclosed a little picture as well. 
Kindest regards 
Sally Harman



"After an early missed miscarriage and D&C, then a medicalised labour experience and unplanned caesarean for the birth of my son, I was carrying a lot of negative emotions and memories going into my third pregnancy. I didn't want these feelings to hinder things when I am in the midst of labour, as I passionately desire a gentle physiological birth for my daughter and myself. 

Sharon's counselling and debriefing session really helped me to pinpoint the painful memories that were troubling me, but in a safe and supported way, and to let go of the intense emotional responses I still had to them. Now, I can think about these events, but my mind chooses not to rehash the emotional side of things, because I don't need to do that anymore. It is a great relief!"


Hello Sharon

Just thought I would drop you a quick note to say THANK YOU for yesterday.  To be perfectly honest and frank, I thought you were up the garden path when you talked about associating my son with the trauma of his birth but I am so glad that I went along with you.  Today, our relationship has been different somehow.  I can't seem to stop cuddling him.

I can put my feelings into a farming perspective.  Some first calf heifers walk away from their calves straight after birth and make no effort to mother them.  If the calves aren't found and fostered soon enough they die.  However, things usually click into place by the 2nd calf and they will defend that calf to the death.  That is what I felt like for the first 6 weeks - a first calf heifer.  I could have walked away at anytime.  My son suckling my breast was disgusting and alien to me.  After my session with you I became like a seasoned breeder; nothing could get me to part with him.  I loved him feeding because when he was feeding I fell in love and bonded with him all over again.  The difference is just chalk and cheese.

Having said that, I don't regret my caesarean section. It is part of my story and shaped me to what I am today.  I am a better person for having the struggle.  I am now more empathetic and supportive of others, whereas I know I would not have been if I had had a dream run.

(1st baby)

Sharon has a professional and caring approach to her counselling sessions. During our time with Sharon my husband and I both felt understood and were able to have our thoughts and feelings heard in a neutral setting. We found the process very helpful. After only a few sessions we were back on track and, using Sharon's advice, were able to move forward with the issues ourselves.



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