Are fertility problems, painful periods, birth trauma,
loss of a baby or fear of birth causing you stress?

Then you’ve come to the right place. I’ll show you how to unravel ‘unexplained’ fertility issues, calmly enlist IVF, transform fear of birth into confident excitement, turn menstrual pain into joy, and come through birth trauma, miscarriage, stillbirth and termination as a stronger, more powerful woman!



Hi, I’m Sharon and  I’m so glad you’ve found your way here.


Whether you’ve had fertility problems, painful periods, birth trauma or the loss of a baby, or if you’re simply looking to create a beautiful birth experience for yourself, I’m here for you.

I’ll help unravel the knots inside you that block your femaleness from being all it can be. When those blocks are released, Nature can follow its course and lead you into your flourishing.

“Our female bodies contain an exceptional form of power.”

As women, our bodies are the repositories of an exceptional form of power through our capacity to create new life. Conception, pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding are our unique contribution as females. These capacities are designed with great intelligence and beauty, and they connect us intimately with Nature and the greater processes of Life.

The menstrual cycle is a rhythm governed by the same laws that govern the tides, the phases of the moon and the seasons. The template for birthing is present inside us, a design perfected by thousands of years of evolution.

We don’t usually think of our female body processes as expressions of power, yet they absolutely are! We live in a culture that doesn’t teach us about our female power – where to find it, what it looks like and how to exercise it.

Not surprisingly, when that energy is tied up in knots, it expresses itself in all sorts of ways: stress, anxiety, no conception, repeated miscarriages, painful periods, complications in labour and birth, depression, low self-worth and so on. Once you recognise the incredible power hidden inside your body, you can unleash its energy and let it fuel your whole life. I’ll show you how to do just that!


To find out more about your amazing female body, read my book: Activate Your Female Power.

“What’s needed for our body processes to function optimally is for us to respect and collaborate with the natural laws that govern them, rather than over-ride or ignore them.”

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Miraculous Moments

Miraculous Moments is a consciously maintained energy field, dedicated to restoring the sacredness of the female body, the beauty of our reproductive power and our connection to Planet Earth.

Think of it as a safe, womb-like space where you can explore what you need to see from the bigger perspective, in order to reconnect with your power.

Inside this secure container, the invisible energies underpinning the visible world are seen as the primary reality and enlisted to facilitate your healing, autonomy and intentional manifesting.

“When you step through this portal, Grace is waiting. And with Grace on your side, miracles can happen!”

At Miraculous Moments I guide you to find, reclaim and embody the sacred power hidden inside some of your most intimate female experiences. Things like:


Education – to enable you to understand the miraculous eco-system inside your body, the natural laws governing it and how to align with them.

Hypnotherapy – to identify and transform subconscious barriers to conception and replace them with a positive attraction that draws the spirit of the baby to you.

Support – for IVF and other reproductive technologies, so that your body is flooded with endorphins to create a blissful landing pad for your embryo.


Education – so you can really understand what’s going on during your cycle, especially PMS and painful periods.

Hypnotherapy – to reprogram unhelpful beliefs and attitudes to your period, and to relieve period pain, so you can transform your relationship to menstruation.

Support – to enable you to access the spirituality of menstruation, so it turns you into a woman of power!


Education – about the natural laws that govern the birth process, so you can align with your mammalian body and give birth from your centre of power.

Hypnotherapy – to identify and dismantle your fears and unhelpful beliefs about your body, labour, birth and parenting.

Support – for pregnancy complications and necessary caesarean birth, so you can still retain your power and create the best experience possible.

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Birth Trauma

Education – to identify and understand the big picture contributors to your traumatic experience.

Hypnotherapy – for immediate relief and rapid resolution of distressing symptoms (such as avoidance, intrusive memories, distress, feeling disconnected from your baby).

Support – to transform the trauma into an initiation into the powerful mystery of what it means to be female.

Pregnancy losses

Educationabout normal grief responses after the death of a baby through miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal death or termination, what to expect and how to manage it.

Hypnotherapy – to release emotional torment and connect with the spirit of your baby.

Support – to break the isolation, and self-care practices to navigate this time with greater peace.

Women’s Hypnotherapy

  • to relieve and eliminate morning sickness, especially when there are underlying emotional or lineage factors.
  • to dismantle fear, stress and anxiety about pregnancy, birth or anything else.
  • to support you through reproductive surgeries with your power intact.
  • to build your self-appreciation and self-worth as a woman from the inside out.

“Female spirituality expresses the self-renewing nature of the Universe, the ever creative round of unfolding and regeneration.”


Female Spirituality

Female spirituality is all about our relationship to power – the mother-bear, raw power that births a baby. This may be a physical baby or it may be a project, a passionate protection of the environment or any of the myriad other things that women care about and to which they commit their energies.
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“Your amazing female body is an inexhaustible source of spiritual power and it’s my delight and privilege to teach you how to access that power.”

Overcoming obstacles

As women, we face many obstacles to our female power. Some of them come from the world around us as attitudes, behaviours and mores that degrade women. Others show up as inner beliefs about the inadequacy of our bodies, that being female is a liability, that we don’t deserve or can’t have success or happiness or a baby.

There are also the curveballs of life. Babies sometimes die, for no apparent reason. Pregnancy complications can occur. A birth may go pear-shaped, despite good preparation and care. Fertility problems are sometimes due to congenital or physical anomalies. Life is full of such dilemmas. How we handle them makes all the difference. Do we lose our power and become helpless victims? Or can we make these experiences portals into a deeper access of our female power? I believe we can.


If you’re grappling with these issues, I understand. I’m here to guide you into the beauty and magnificence of your female power. When life throws you a curveball, you can hit it out of the park! Let me show you how.

“The cosmic power residing in the female body remains an unquenchable flame, whose torch is passed on down the generations.”

Yes, I want my copy now!


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