About Sharon

Hi there, I’m Sharon Moloney and my intention is to guide you to find, reclaim and embody your sacred female power!

I am many things … fertility therapist, birth educator, menstruation ambassador, hypnotherapist … author and speaker…

First and foremost, though, I am female and I absolutely LOVE it!

I’m a proud and passionate ambassador for the female state of being. It’s the one thing that lights me up just thinking about it and for which I want to be remembered after I’m gone.

So how did I get here? Let me share some of my story with you.

My whole life has been an exploration of what it means to be female. My first menstruation was a spontaneous spiritual awakening that ushered me into the grace of my female state and initiated me into the mysteries of the Universe.

I’ve always been fascinated by spirituality and Nature, and my female body was the place where these two amazing forces converged for me.


Female Spirituality

Female spirituality is all about our relationship to power – the mother-bear, raw power that births a baby, whether it’s a physical baby, a project, a passionate protection of the environment or anything else a woman cares about and to which she commits her energies.

Hidden within our female body processes is a deeply embodied spirituality that’s an untapped resource for most women. Our cultural traditions and a male deity have not taught us how to access this spirituality. Instead, women’s bodies have been scrutinised, pathologised, sexualised, objectified, commodified and degraded.

In the religious tradition I grew up in, spirituality was a mental process, moving up towards heaven, away from the Earth, uncontaminated by the body.

Yet for women, our bodies are the place where we meet the sacred most intimately.

“Our female spirituality gives us the privilege of accessing the incredible creative power residing in our bodies as the ‘offspring bearing sex’, whether we have children or not.”

My search for an embodied spirituality led me deep into the study of Eastern spiritual traditions and I travelled through Asia for 12mths to experience these traditions firsthand. One of the things I loved most about Asia was the erotic celebration of the female body so visible in the temples, shrines and public holy places.

Some years later, an unexpected conversion experience drew me back to my religious roots and eventually led me to join a contemplative monastery. Although I loved the silence, prayer and total dedication to Spirit, I felt spiritually disembodied and my health spiralled downwards. After 3yrs, it was time to leave.

I wondered where could I find an authentic spirituality that would really feed me as a woman? It had to be there … somewhere …


Fertility Problems

After I had married the love of my life and wanted to have my second child, I had fertility problems that medicine couldn’t resolve. As a result, I began an in-depth study of female anatomy and physiology to work out how to regain my fertility.

As I studied, I realised I’d been looking for ‘God’ in all the wrong places. Sacredness was right here, inside my body, all along! I had finally discovered the spirituality I’d been searching for during all those year.

After this ‘aha’ moment, I took responsibility for regaining my health and fertility, and at the age of 40 was overjoyed to be pregnant and then give birth to my beautiful daughter.


My Dedication

From that point on, I wanted to dedicate the rest of my life to sharing this mind-altering information about the female body with others. I had found my ‘path with heart’.

I trained as a women’s health practitioner and educator, specialising in fertility, menstruation, pregnancy and birth, together with counselling and hypnotherapy.

Wanting to know more, I completed a Master of Women’s Studies, focussing on my passions: menstruation, birth and women’s spirituality. The lack of research into the spiritual dimensions of these core female experiences moved me to complete my PhD titled Female Biology as Sacred.

My research enabled me to examine in detail the profound spirituality that women experience through their body processes, my own story included.

I discovered that in pre-patriarchal times, female spirituality was the cultural norm. When patriarchy began about 4,000BC, the Goddess-worshipping societies were destroyed, and from then on, both the Goddess and the female body were seen as profane.

I also learned that the knowledge and practice of this sacred female power was preserved into the present age by Indigenous groups like the Native Americans, who continued to honour the female body through teachings and ceremonies.

Resonating with this Indigenous worldview, the science of energy medicine – and the knowledge that energy is the primary reality – provides a framework for understanding and working with that spirituality.


My Blessing to You

While my focus is on femaleness, I have a deep respect for the masculine and I’ve always included men as integral to fertility and birthing. Balance between male and female and bringing an end to the gender war are some of my top priorities.

I believe as human beings, our mind has the incredible power to shape and co-create our reality. Our body is our subconscious mind. By harnessing the power of our subconscious, we can remove obstacles and use the creative power of our mind to actively create what we desire.

My practice as an educator, hypnotherapist and female ambassador is informed by my extensive studies, 20yrs of professional work and my personal experiences, including pregnancy losses and secondary infertility.

From a spiritual perspective I feel I have been blessed by my life’s journey and now I want to pass that blessing on to you.

With love

“The cosmic power residing in the female body remains an unquenchable flame, whose torch is passed on down the generations.”

Yes, I want my copy now!


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