Birth – find out how to create the birth of your dreams!

“The wonderful truth about birth is that you have nothing to fear!
You have everything you need right there inside you to create a blissful, safe and powerful birth.”

Birth – Find out how to create the birth of your dreams!

“The wonderful truth about birth is that you have nothing to fear!
You have everything you need right there inside you to create a blissful, safe and powerful birth.”

“I’m terrified of giving birth, how will I bear the pain?”

“On TV, it looks risky and dangerous!”

 “I’m scared of losing control.”

“I don’t want my birth to get hijacked by the hospital.”

 “How can something that big come out of an opening so small?”

Does this sound like you? If you’re frightened of giving birth or you had a traumatic first birth and want something better this time, then look no further! My birth preparation sessions will show you how to create the birth of your dreams!

Birth Preparation

Birth is a truly sacred moment in which the veil between visible and invisible worlds is drawn open. A labouring woman’s body is a portal through which grace comes pouring in. The birth of a new human being onto the planet deserves our utmost respect and conscious awareness. It’s way too important to leave to chance. The beauty of our humanity is that we have the power to co-create what we desire. Nowhere is this more important than at birth.

Three Sessions

My three sessions are individually tailored to you as a couple to give you the knowledge and skills to pro-actively create the birth experience you desire. After having shared this knowledge successfully with hundreds of couples, I know what works. As a woman, you learn how to harness the creative power of your mind to effectively handle the strong sensations of labour and birth, and how to direct the process to your intended outcome. As a partner, you learn about your pivotal role and the practical techniques to create safety and comfort for your beloved in labour. Together, you become a team creating the perfect environment for birth to be safe, effective and powerful.

A positive birth doesn’t just happen; you have to know how create it. It’s not rocket science, yet because birth is something that happens behind closed doors inside hospitals, many pregnant women don’t know what they don’t know. My birth preparation gives you simple, practical wisdom that’s based in the physiology of the female body and the natural laws that govern labour. If you want to birth from your centre of power as a woman, then good preparation is essential.

Topics covered

Session 1:

  • Different models of birth
  • How the uterus is designed
  • How emotions like fear affect labour
  • The Relaxation Response
    and how to access it easily
  • The mammalian physiology of labour
  • How to work with your mammalian physiology
  • Brain function during labour
  • The pivotal role of the father/partner

Session 2:

  • The need for safety and privacy
  • Creating your birth sanctuary
  • Identifying fears
  • Strategies for navigating change
  • Dismantling fears permanently

Session 3:

  • Deepening relaxation processes
  • Endorphin producing techniques
  • Using your breath in labour
  • The hormones and physiology of labour
  • The sexuality of birth
  • Creating the birth you truly desire

My sessions blend factual information with firsthand experience. Together, you learn about and experience deep relaxation, practical breathing and endorphin-producing techniques, how to use your imagination to modify sensations and how to create a safe physiological birth space – inside yourself and externally. My approach is couple-focussed, so both of you experience the various processes and leave with a clear understanding of your different roles during labour and birth. I work with individual couples rather than groups because it creates a private space for clients to freely explore what they need to know to give birth well.

“I deeply believe you have everything you need, right there inside you, to create a wonderful, safe and empowering birth experience, which is simultaneously the best foundation for confident parenting.”


To find out more about your amazing female body, read my book: Activate Your Female Power.

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“I deeply believe you have everything you need, right there inside you, to create a wonderful, safe and empowering birth experience, which is simultaneously the best foundation for confident parenting.”


To find out more about your amazing female body, read my book: Activate Your Female Power.

Yes, I want my copy now!


  • I’m so happy that our paths crossed and that I was able to learn and experience some really powerful techniques which I know will help me through the whole birthing process when it is time. I came into the sessions with lots of different and sometimes conflicting information that had been shared with me throughout my pregnancy and Sharon was able to help me either remove the notions that would not be self serving and also implement new ideas and knowledge that have changed my whole perspective around this amazing process that will be happening in the next few weeks. I highly recommend going to see Sharon, as she will provide you with helpful techniques that are easy to remember and implement and also the reassurance that you’ve got this. She will remind and educate you on just how amazing and powerful the female body is!

  • My husband and I welcomed our delightful little boy into the world on 26 September 2017. It was an exhilarating and empowering homebirth. We had two wonderful midwives in attendance, and they could see that we had it under control and for the most part left us be. I felt calm, aware and in control and I attribute this to my sessions with Sharon in preparation for the birth. Because of these sessions I knew what was happening within my body at each stage of the birthing process; I knew why I was feeling each sensation and the joyous outcome it would have, if I calmly and confidently allowed my instincts to take control and follow them through. I knew that I had the power and the strength to birth my baby, and I knew techniques I could use if I felt myself losing focus. I was fearless.

  • Working with Sharon allowed us both to release any fears we held. Sharon instilled confidence in my husband to protect the birth space and to be my advocate, ensuring that once labour had begun, we were in full agreement with all decisions and actions taken by any staff.  Our labour lasted 4.5 hours. I kept my body relaxed and allowed it to open naturally. As my labour progressed I was able to go deeper and closed my eyes and connect with my baby. The midwife was surprised at how quickly we reached the birthing phase. I know this was a result of our birth preparation with Sharon.  And finally, the most beautiful moment of birthing occurred when my baby was born and placed on my chest. This was the culmination of everything we had planned and waited for over the last nine months and many years previously. Thank you Sharon.

  • Working with Sharon has helped us to achieve two active and drug-free births.  Sharon's calm wisdom helped us to connect with our babies and prepare for their arrival with confidence and excitement.  The skills we learned enabled us to be in control of our birth experience, and to birth without fear.  I thoroughly recommend Sharon's course to everyone preparing to welcome their baby.

  • I took your advice and booked myself 2 acupuncture sessions, did a lot of walking around, housework and had some private time with my husband - and it worked! This morning at 1.51am our little Sunshine Samuel was born naturally, after only 40 minutes of active labour and 5 big pushes. I focused on the flower once the head engaged and tried not to be scared of the pain. As a result he came very quickly and I didn't even tear. Thank you so much! You made a huge difference! I'm very grateful Sharon!!!  I truly would like for as many people as possible to know how much your work helps to calm a mum in labour and to focus on positive energy, which helps with a safe delivery. You were my rock the whole time during delivery!

  • We booked in for Sharon's 3 birth preparation sessions at about 33 weeks. We learnt a lot and even my partner enjoyed them. We were really looking forward to the next sessions when unexpectedly, our daughter decided to join us at 34 weeks! As we drove to the hospital, I was feeling so calm with what was about to happen. I had my partner there for support and my known and trusted Midwife, and we birthed our baby in the shower in just under 3 hours.  No drugs, no stitches and no interventions, just birth at its best. There were points where it was physically challenging for me but at no point did I feel out of control or that her birth was being hijacked! It was incredible!  I just knew what to do. My baby’s birth was powerful, empowering and totally incredible. In all honesty, I have a lot to be thankful to Sharon for, I don't think it would have turned out this way if it weren't for the work I did with Sharon.

  • Exactly this time 8 yrs ago I was eating a cherry ripe, labour had been stopped 5 times between 25-37 weeks and I still had another week to go until they would induce me. But less than 12hrs later, my baby boy was here. Sharon Moloney YOU WERE SUCH AN AMAZING PART OF MY JOURNEY into birthing this gorgeous #10 pregnancy rainbow child, breathing love, life and belief into me to get me through all of that and still be CALM and strong afterwards. Thank you.


Book an appointment with Sharon NOW.

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Book an appointment with Sharon NOW.

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The 3 key benefits you’ll gain from my birth preparation are:

1. Understanding the natural laws that govern labour and birth

Birth is an elemental process fuelled by the same energy that creates wind, waves, fire and storm. When you understand the natural laws that govern labour and birth, you can collaborate with them fully. To birth in harmony with those natural laws and bring your baby into the world in your own time and way is one of the most powerful things you can do as a woman. It activates deep trust in your instinctive body knowing and creates a strong foundation for confident mothering. My guided tour of the physiology of labour and birth enables you to understand how your body and hormones work, how your brain changes during labour, and how to enter deeply altered states of mind without fear – so that your body can do what it’s designed to do without interference.

2. Freedom from fear

Many women have an excessive fear of giving birth. When large numbers of intelligent women are terrified of a healthy female body process, we have to ask why.  Our cultural mythology about birth (or the story we tell ourselves) is that birth is a terrifying medical emergency that’s beyond the capacity of most women to endure, and that technology, drugs and medical specialists are necessary for the safety of baby and mother. It’s so important to understand that this ‘story’ is socially constructed and perpetuated by the media. And equally important to know that it’s entirely possible to unplug from this stereotyping of women as flawed machines and to create an understanding of birth based on the physiology of the female body and the laws of nature that govern the process.  When you have an opportunity to dismantle your fears, you can use the power of your mind to create a beautiful, safe, empowering experience.

3. How to Manage the Strong Sensations of Labour (aka Pain Relief!)

When you learn how to reliably access your deep relaxation response, it becomes your greatest ally during birth. The sensations of labour can be intense and prolonged – like running a marathon. In deep states of relaxation, your hormones and womb and vagina can function according to the design, without the distortions of fear and tension. When a labouring woman is fearful, her body ends up fighting itself; the more she tenses up, the more the sensations are felt as painful. If a woman doesn’t feel safe, high adrenaline levels can prevent her cervix from dilating effectively; that’s painful. When she’s dismantled her fears and feels safe, and knows how to access her deep relaxation response, she can handle the strong sensations of labour with her own inner resources.

In deep relaxation, you might experience the sensations of labour as tightening, pressure or waves of sensation that have no name. Many clients have told me there should be another word for labour ‘pain’ because they didn’t experience anything they’d describe as painful. Others have said that yes, it was intense, uncomfortable, even painful; yet it never occurred to them to ask for pain relief because the sensations were within their capacity to handle and they never doubted it.

Giving birth is one of the most powerful, sacred things you can do as a woman. Don’t leave it to chance. Take responsibility for creating the birth you want. Prepare for it by understanding how your body works and how to align with the natural process. Let me show you how to really claim your birthing power! Give me a call today.

“The cosmic power residing in the female body remains an unquenchable flame, whose torch is passed on down the generations.”

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