How to get into the driver’s seat of your fertility,
fall in love with your amazing body and learn to enjoy menstruating!

Activate Your Female Power

by Sharon Moloney, PhD.


Are you grappling with ‘unexplained’ infertility or fertility problems?
Feel uncomfortable in your own skin like your body is a burden?
Find menstruation difficult because of pain and PMS?
If you answered ‘Yes” to any of these questions, this book is for you!

International author and speaker, Sharon Moloney, PhD, has spent a lifetime exploring these issues. As a women’s health practitioner and clinical hypnotherapist, she’s supported hundreds of women to understand their fertility, love their bodies and transform menstruation into something they value. In this book, she shares her discoveries about the power, beauty and unique spirituality of the female body.

Discover 7 ways to unlock your female power! Learn about:

  • the female body as an ecosystem, not a machine, and how aligning with its natural laws can make you happy, healthy and fertile
  • how to dismantle subconscious limiting beliefs about being female so you’re free to enjoy it!
  • Nature’s blueprint for healthy fertility
  • how to access the spiritual power in the female body to inspire confidence, self-appreciation and inner security
  • the secret to transforming menstrual shame into pride and self-respect
  • how to eliminate unnecessary spending on fertility treatments
  • the keys to activate the female code for optimal health

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  • “Sharon brings authenticity, wisdom, and power to her life-long exploration of the feminine, as a woman, therapist, mother and writer, and her sharing is generous and deeply nourishing for all of us.”

    Dr Sarah Buckley author and medical doctor.
  • “Sharon Moloney has a wealth of knowledge and an impressive depth of understanding about the female body, developed over decades of ground-breaking work in both academic and practical contexts. In this illuminating book, she combines scientific research with the spiritual context of women’s embodiment, offering the reader a profound awareness of what it means to be born female.”

    Lara Owen author and menstruation consultant.
  • “Sharon Moloney has long been dedicated to bringing forth the sacredness of women’s bodies and the importance of female biology in personal identity and as a gift to the world — the gift of life. In a time when people are becoming more and more mechanized and detached from the body, this book brings us back to earth, reminding us we are part and parcel of nature.”

    Vicki Noble teacher, healer and author.
  • “From the first words of Sharon’s Introduction, we know we are in safe hands. Her knowledge base covers feminist theories, as well as biological and spiritual perspectives. We know she will keep all these important facets of life as female in mind throughout her book. In the years I have known Sharon, I have been witness to her exquisite and meticulous scholarship, and her beauty of mind and heart which glows in her physical presence.”

    Dr Kaye Gersch, PhD, Jungian psychotherapist and couples therapist.

Love your beautiful female body
– it is sacred.

The female body is often depicted as a flawed machine, destined to malfunction. Or it’s sexualized as an object of gratification, used to sell things and demeaned with violence in pornography. Women often feel bad about their bodies, like there’s something wrong with them. Nothing could be further from the truth! In fact, the female body is both a wonder of Nature and Sacred.

Discover the amazing beauty inside you. Set yourself free!

Activate Your Female Power takes us on a guided tour of what it means to be born female. It educates, inspires and provokes us to view the female body with completely new eyes. Chapter by chapter, organ by organ, the inner landscape of femaleness is uncovered, in a narrative strip-tease that culminates in menstruation as its crowning jewel.

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In place of the ‘faulty machine’, we find a sophisticated ecosystem, with its own laws of nature and a blueprint for healthy fertility. The meticulous explanation of female biology makes complex facts easy to digest, while infusing them with a sense of wonder and celebration.

Woven through the biology is a rich symbolism that adds layers of depth to the exploration. We’re invited into an intimate relationship with the female body as the repository of an exceptional spiritual power. This uniquely female power connects us with the Earthbody through a reciprocally rewarding relationship, in which we experience our body as a microcosm of Earth’s macrocosm.

When women reclaim menstruation and birth as our sacred territory, we recover our connection to Nature, to Earth and to our own life-giving power and authority.

Finding the ‘diamond in the dark’ of female embodiment is profoundly liberating and inspires confidence, deep love and a passionate ‘mother bear’ care for both the female body and the Earth. By the end of the book, we are in no doubt about the unique gifts, capacities and contributions of being female. Our world needs our activated female presence as never before.

The time for the women is now!


Activate Your Female Power describes what happens at the cellular level during ovulation, conception, pregnancy, birth, sexual arousal and menstruation. It’s essential reading because it gives you the lowdown on so many facets of being female. Important things like:


Worldwide about 15% of couples experience fertility problems. Lots of money, time, emotional energy and stress are invested in trying to solve these problems. Many fertility issues can be resolved by understanding the deep ecology of the female body and how to align with its needs. Activate Your Female Power puts women back in the driver’s seat of their fertility.

The female body, in its very architecture, is a conduit for Spirit.


Most women dislike and feel embarrassed about menstruating. Understanding the menstrual cycle, the causes of period pain and the true nature of PMS can completely transform how women experience this uniquely female process. Activate Your Female Power provides the map to this transformation.

ecology inside the uterine tube
Credit: Alan Handyside. Wellcome Images


Instead of being a peak spiritual experience, birth is often a techno-medical event. Inductions, epidurals and caesarean surgery are routine, birth trauma is common and many women are afraid of birthing. Activate Your Female Power is a guidebook out of the labyrinth of fear into an informed trust in the female body.

The female body contains the miraculous blueprint to conceive, grow and birth a new human being – a uniquely female power.

Sexualisation of women

Women are bombarded with sexualised messages about their bodies. Teenage girls are particularly vulnerable with 7 out of 10 receiving unwanted sexually explicit content from porn-saturated boys and 4 in 10 being coerced into sex. Activate Your Female Power guides women to claim the power inside their bodies, so they are less vulnerable to sexploitation and abuse.

The female body is a microcosm of the Earth body

The degradation of the female body is reflected in the degradation of the Earth. Ancient and tribal societies that honoured the female body, also revered the Earth body. Women who embody their power become agents of cultural change because the ‘mother bear’ in them growls awake to protect all life forms. Activate Your Female Power is a personal process of waking up that ‘mother bear’.

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This recording by Dr Sharon Moloney is designed to enable you to Activate Your Female Power. Listen to the recording for at least 28 days to reprogram unhelpful beliefs about being female and create a relationship of love with your body and the Earth. As you activate your female power, changes will begin happening inside you, as repressed energies are released, long-forgotten wisdoms wake up and dormant potentials are sparked into life.

E-Book: Female Hormones Part 1

This e-book is a comprehensive guide to the mystical world of female hormones. In simple, easy-to-understand terms, we explore the better known female hormones, oestrogen and progesterone, as well as the hormones made by the brain, and the way they interact in a sophisticated feedback. You can transform your relationship with your female hormones by learning how to work with them instead of against them. Then they become your allies!

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