Fertility – Boost Your Chances of Conception by up to 50% with Proven Strategies That Work!

“I can’t get pregnant, it’s so frustrating!”
“My family and friends all get pregnant easily.”
“We’ve done 3 rounds of IVF and still nothing.”
“It’s very stressful, a lot of pressure.”
“Sex has become a chore.”
“I feel like a total failure as a woman.”

Does this sound like you? Then don’t despair. I can help. The most important thing for you to know right now is that:

The body is in the mind, like a fish is in water.

When it comes to conception, your state of mind makes all the difference. I’ll show you how using mind-body approaches and hypnosis can enhance your chance of conception by as much as 50%.


Fertility Problems

One in six couples experiences fertility problems. Blocked tubes, endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, ovulation disorders, polycystic ovarian syndrome, hormone imbalances and congenital abnormalities are some medical reasons. A calm state of mind can enormously contribute to successful medical intervention.

In 25% of cases, there is unexplained’ infertility with no physical cause. This frustrating situation causes stress, resentment, anger, grief, desperation, fear, mistrust of the body and conflict with partners. People often feel a basic human right has been taken away. Here’s where I can do my best work! Unexplained infertility usually means an underlying emotional or psychological factor is causing the problem and that’s something that can be resolved.

Unravelling subconscious blocks doesn’t usually happen overnight. It takes a bit of time to do the detective work. Once you do the work, though, it’s amazing how things shift! Most people notice positive changes from the first appointment.
How many sessions are needed? It depends. Between 4 – 6 sessions is a good start and more may be needed depending.on your unique situation.

How I’ll work with you

1. First, I’ll listen to your story to identify potential contributors like:

  • lifestyle stresses (long work hours, intense exercise, diet, travel)
  • trauma (previous birth trauma, death of a loved one, miscarriage)
  • unresolved emotional issues (grief, guilt, self-blame, anger, hopelessness)
  • unconscious beliefs (I always knew it would be hard to get pregnant, I feel I don’t really deserve a baby, all through my 20s I said I didn’t want to get pregnant)

2. Next, I’ll suggest a treatment plan. There are often multiple contributors to fertility issues, so we focus on the most important ones first, then work with each aspect in turn. Your treatment plan could include:

  • practical ways to reduce stress and create balance in your lifestyle
  • trauma releasing exercises
  • emotional release processes
  • tools to identify subconscious beliefs
  • self-hypnosis to change unhelpful thoughts and beliefs
  • practicing deep relaxation regularly
  • spending time in Nature

Research shows dramatically higher pregnancy rates from addressing these concerns. One study found that 55% of women who participated in a mind-body program conceived, compared to 20% in the control group.1 Another study showed that IVF success rates doubled from 14% to 28% when women utilised hypnosis around the time of implantation.Four further studies found that 42% of women were able to conceive within six months of learning deep relaxation techniques; the women also reported lower levels of stress, anxiety and depression.3

“Our mind is by far the most powerful organ in our body when it comes to fertility. Creating a receptive state of mind opens the door of possibility.”


3. Then, I’ll teach you how to create the most receptive state of mind for conception. This is super important because the body is in the mind like a fish is in water.  What we believe becomes our reality. I’ll help you to eliminate sabotaging beliefs and change unhelpful thought patterns through gentle techniques like:

  • hypnotherapy
  • emotional freedom technique (EFT)
  • neurolinguistic programming (NLP)
  • communicating directly with your body
  • connecting with Nature
  • harnessing the spiritual power inside your body

I’ll support you to create a lush inner landscape where your body and mind are receptive to an incoming baby.

4. I’ll take you on a visual tour of your amazing internal landscape. We grow up with the idea of our bodies as flawed machines that need plumbers to fix them! Through my guided tour, you’ll discover a whole new world inside your body and begin to appreciate it’s incredible design as a living ecology – more like a coral reef than a machine. When women see the beauty of their inner world, they feel more connected with their body and know how to care for it.

This guided tour is a fertility awareness session that teaches you exactly what you need to know to understand your fertility and menstrual cycle. Tracking your cycle provides valuable information like:

  • whether you’re ovulating
  • if you have hormone imbalances
  • whether you have fertile mucus
  • if there’s enough time after ovulation for a fertilised egg to implant

This diagnostic information tells us if medical intervention might be needed. It also helps with timing your lovemaking.

“In a very real way, conception is about opening to the abundance of the Universe, and to the spirit of the little person you want to invite into your life.”

B6E02K Fallopian tube, Coloured scanning electronmicrograph (SEM) of the epithelial lining of a Fallopian tube (oviduct).


  • My period was absent for 12 years and I was deemed 'infertile'. I had several failed fertility treatments and a miscarriage, and I carried a lot of emotional baggage. I didn't realise how my fast-paced lifestyle and negative body image issues were impacting on my fertility until I met Sharon. Sharon enabled me to access and embrace my previously suppressed feminine side. She gave me the emotional, mental and spiritual support on my journey to recover. Not only did I get my period back, I am now the mother to a beautiful little boy.

  • When I first saw Sharon I felt instantly welcomed and relaxed. The hypnotherapy sessions were just what I needed at that time to help me connect back to myself after experiencing so much stress trying to conceive. The sessions are deeply relaxing and nourishing, and I truly believe they helped me shift my mindset back to my natural state of positivity and manifestation. Apart from being a lovely, caring and gentle person, Sharon is highly knowledgeable in many areas including female reproductive health, conception and its connection with the mind. I am 18 weeks pregnant for the first time in my life which is a surreal and wonderful feeling. I am grateful beyond any measure.

  • I am 29 weeks pregnant now and all is going wonderfully. I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart, I have no doubt what-so-ever that without coming to see you, we would not be over the moon and waiting for the arrival of our much wanted number 4 baby to complete our family. If someone had told me previous to our ‘infertility’ experience that the kind of work you do helps with fertility, I would never have truly believed it. Thank you.

  • Over 3 years we tried many fertility treatments including several IVF cycles. During this time we also experienced 2 miscarriages. I knew that my thoughts, beliefs and attitudes had to be affecting my ability to conceive, but I just didn't know what I could do about it. Thankfully working with Sharon, I uncovered the source of a lot of my beliefs and how they were not serving me. Soon after working with Sharon, I conceived through IVF and had a healthy baby boy. Twelve months later, I worked with Sharon again and fell pregnant a second time. I know that without Sharon’s help I would still be harbouring the attitudes and beliefs that were preventing me from conceiving. I will be eternally grateful to Sharon for her help; her kindness and compassion were a valuable support at such a time.

  • A great miracle happened there ...  I had been struggling with infertility for nearly 5 years when I met Sharon, this was causing a great deal of anxiety. Sharon worked with me to release my fear and anger. Only when I was able to acknowledge and let go of these blocks was I really ready to conceive. The relaxation techniques Sharon taught me have made the biggest difference to my life. These helped me remain calm and positive through IVF, throughout pregnancy, labour and now with the wonderful new challenges as a parent. Without Sharon's help, I don’t think I would be experiencing the amazing gift of motherhood. I am eternally grateful and feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to develop these lifelong skills.

  • For 12 years I had not had a menstrual cycle. We underwent fertility treatments with hormone injections at the highest dose followed by IVF, and phone calls bearing devastating news. There were numerous disheartening descriptions about my fertility. When I turned up on Sharon's doorstep, I was a very defeated, emotionally wounded female who had lost all confidence and self worth. Sharon worked with me on a weekly basis with deep relaxation and countless blocks emerged. With Sharon's spiritual and gentle approach, I managed to lift these patterns, increase my self-worth and love myself. Slowly I began to see that conception was possible. After 3mths, I turned up on Sharon's doorstep as a blossoming mother to be!

  • We worked with Sharon for the best part of 2 years throughout our 4 year IVF journey. Our time with Sharon helped solidify and strengthen our relationship in the most difficult of situations. We found Sharon’s approach calming and nurturing and her suggested use of affirmations around the house helped keep us positive and focussed on our goal. We are now excitedly expecting our miracle baby after 9 IVF attempts.

    Kylie and Peta

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To find out more detail about your amazing female body, read my book: Activate Your Female Power.

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The 5 Benefits you’ll gain from working with me!


1. Immediate stress relief.

The obsession to ‘achieve’ a pregnancy creates pressure and stress. Frustration that it’s not happening builds more pressure and still more stress. I’ll show you how to:

  • break that cycle and take off all the pressure
  • down-regulate your nervous system and rapidly reduce stress
  • promote hormonal balance to enhance your chances of conception.

I teach you how to access your deep relaxation response. This is different from relaxing by watching TV, drinking a glass of wine or reading a book. It’s a biological response naturally present in your body that quickly calms your nervous system, balances your emotions and slows down your mind.

2. Subconscious obstacles removed

Hidden factors like limiting beliefs, unresolved emotions, traumatic experiences or unhelpful family patterns can really undermine your chances of conception. This is because the parts of the brain which store memories, beliefs, emotions and trauma are closely connected with the parts of the brain that govern fertility. When these obstacles are removed, your brain, body and mind can return to a healthy fertile state. It’s like pushing the reset button on your phone.


3. Connection with your amazing female body

When you know how to align with the menstrual cycle as an intelligent natural rhythm, you feel more connected with your beautiful body. This practical self-knowledge generates greater appreciation, love and care for your body. You begin to know what’s needed for it to flourish, whether it’s dietary changes, a good detox, nutritional medicine or the use of herbs. Many women really value this newfound intimacy with their bodies.

4. Improved relationship

When your relationship is free from the burden of ‘making a baby’, you rediscover your love for each other and your sex life regains its spontaneity. When you’re in harmony with the natural laws that govern your fertility, you can relax and let Nature take its course. In the meantime, you get to enjoy each other’s company and create the happiness and balance you both need. You have your life back again and the baby is like the icing on the cake.

5. Save money

You could save thousands of $$$ – simply by knowing how your body works, how to bring it back into balance, and how to clear mental and emotional obstacles out of the way. IVF costs about $10,000 and you may not actually need it. If you do need medical help, then my processes will enhance your treatment.


“Ultimately, conception, pregnancy and a baby coming into your life are matters of destiny; they’re spiritual realities governed by laws bigger than our minds.”

My Guarantee

While I can’t guarantee you’ll get pregnant working with me, I can guarantee that you’ll feel much better about the whole thing and you’ll stack the odds in your favour. Remember: research shows that mind-body approaches and hypnosis can boost your chances of success by up to 50%.

We have no way of knowing if it’s your destiny to bring a baby into the world, so let’s assume that it is. When you commit to my process for a set period of time, we can pull out all the stops. I’ll support you to become the most receptive you possibly can be to receive the blessing of the Universe in the form of a baby.

Whether you’re going through IVF or want to get there under your own steam, let me teach you how to take charge of your mind, take responsibility for your health and eliminate the stress out of what’s meant to be one of life’s loveliest blessings.

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  1. Alice D. Domar, Kristin L. Rooney, Benjamin Wiegand, John Orav, Michael M. Alper, Brian M. Berger, and Janeta Nikolovski. (2011). Impact of a group mind/body intervention on pregnancy rates in IVF patients. Fertility and Sterility, Vol. 95, No. 7.
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