Menstruation – Eliminate the Suffering

“Give yourself the gift of transforming menstrual pain, shame and aversion into unshakable pride, poise and self-respect!”

Menstruation – Eliminate the Suffering

“Give yourself the gift of transforming menstrual pain, shame and aversion into unshakable pride, poise and self-respect!”

Menstruation Hypnotherapy

Credit: Margaret Kalms, Photoart

Credit: Margaret Kalms, Photoart

Menstruation is not meant to be an affliction any more than birth is meant to be an ordeal. Yet that’s how it is for millions of women around the world. Why? Many factors contribute to menstrual cramps, discomfort and PMS (premenstrual sensitivity). If that’s you, please know: it doesn’t have to be this way. Menstrual pain can be relieved, PMS can be transformed and menstruation can become something you welcome with love. Really? Yes, really. How? Let me share something with you.

Ever since my first period at age 14, menstruation has been sacred to me. My first bleed was an unexpected spiritual awakening that changed me forever. I vowed to always honour my bleeding – a vow I have kept to this day. Contrary to what many people think, menstruation is not a liability; it’s a spiritual gift!

Suffering through our female body processes is not what nature intended. Quite the converse. The natural design of menstruation is intelligent, efficient and adaptable; it’s not fundamentally flawed. Its sophisticated physiology is meant to be something we’re equipped to take in our stride.

However, in a culture based on masculine psychology and linear norms, women are expected (and expect themselves) to function in a linear, goal-oriented lifestyle indifferent to our needs and at odds with our cyclic rhythms and their unique gifts.

Menstrual cramps, heavy flow, low energy and mood irritability can be relieved through changes in diet, nutritional and herbal remedies, acupuncture and alternative therapies. Attitudinal and behaviour changes that respect and collaborate with the design of our female cycles are also paramount. And the icing on the cake?

Credit: Margaret Kalms, Photoart

Credit: Margaret Kalms, Photoart

Hypnotherapy! Research shows how hypnotherapy produces lasting relief from menstrual pain,1 something I witness in my practice. I gain much joy from guiding women to transform menstrual pain and PMS into deep respect for their bodies AND pain-free bleeding through hypnosis. It’s all about aligning with the design.

If you’d like to experience this for yourself, you can book some one-on-one sessions with me tailored just for you. Alternatively, you can access my Befriend Your Bleed Program, a 5-module online course that teaches you practical ways to gain lasting relief from menstrual pain.

NB. For a small minority of women, menstruation involves significant incapacity. Severe cramping, nausea, headaches, pelvic and back pain should not be seen as normal or inevitable. These symptoms usually indicate some kind of imbalance or condition (e.g. endometriosis) that needs treatment and care from a skilled healthcare provider.


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[2] Rose photo credit: Cody Chan, Unsplash.
[3] Menstruation photos, Margaret Kalms, Photoart.

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  • “I have suffered with debilitating period pain for many years. After just one session with Sharon, I no longer have pain or if the pain does start, I can listen to the recording and it goes away. It is such a drastic difference that I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't experienced it myself. Thanks again Sharon.”

  • “Sharon’s work is absolutely amazing. I used to struggle with debilitating, painful periods, anticipating them each month with dread. I tried all sorts of things from acupuncture to herbs and supplements and nothing helped the pain. My next period after just one session with Sharon was my first pain free period in five years! I was astounded at how powerful her work is and how quickly it created profound shifts in my consciousness and in my relationship to my body and her monthly cycle. My periods are now smooth and comfortable and I look forward to them every month.”


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